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Spring, I Need You

I can appreciate winter. I think. I can appreciate the downtime and slowness that winter offers, for a time. But, now, I’m done. I am ready for sunshine and warm days. I need to come outside when the air does not hurt my face.

And I know it takes time. From about December until April, that is a luxury the part of the country I am in is not afforded. I can accept that. Because I expect it. And I know that if I wait, long enough, it will get better. But what I think it completely unfair, is this warm up and cool down thing. It plays with my emotions. Messes with my flow. Not on the days that it’s 70’s and sunny. But now you rip that away and toss things back into the 30’s. Not fair.

I know I sound like a whinny 5-year old but this teasing really needs to stop. I would rather wait one more week, or even two for things to just warm up and stay warm – then to live through this back and forth. Jacket, no jacket – do I get a pedicure – or wait – I want my flip flops damn it, and I want to put away my winter boots for at least 8-months (or forever).

First world problems I know. I have a winter jacket – good ’til -5 degrees. And I have flip flops – good as soon as it hits 70 degrees. I am blessed, taken care of, my needs are met. But the cold hurts. It hurts deep. It hurts my face and my work out routine. It hurts my fingers and seeing friends. It hurts my toes and my mood. It makes me sad.

So I will pout a little bit longer, stomp a feet a few more times and suck it up for a little bit longer.

Rescue me Spring.  Please  I am waiting for you.  I need you.


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Divine Gifts

What it Would Say

If the ocean could speak, today I thought it would say…
“Your God is my God.”
“My waves bring you peace”
“It is good.”

The sun broke through in the afternoon and God’s gifts were divine. In a 20 minute stroll down the beach, God offered me everything I needed. Vitamin D in the sun, rest in the sound of the waves, peace in the flow of the waves, excitement in the crashing of the waves, childlike faith in the kicking of the sand, grace in the flow of nature and love in the warmth of a friendship and the promise of a new season to come.


March 1, 2013 · 12:14 am

Life Happens – Don’t Let it Pass Me By

So I wandered onto someone’s blog today and it ignited a spark in me. It was once a fire but lately it’s been just a faint stream of smoke. I want my fire back.

I’ve always had a bit of a free-spirit. Always willing to take off at a moments notice. The ability to take a moment to enjoy a sunset amongst a crowd of people blocking my path. The passion to create, write and live life with a care-free happiness that doesn’t dwell on circumstance.

Have you had a moment lately to just stop? Take a step back. Look at your life. And say, wow….I’ve done some pretty amazing things in my life! I feel like I’ve been too busy to have those moments. Which has a tendency to create a “my life is boring” or “I never do anything fun or great,” outlook. (I think winter in New England also has something to do with it!)

I’ve been too busy to write. Pulled in too many directions to remember what it is I want in this life. I want to be happy. But what makes me happy? Have I forgotten? Have I lost sight? It’s not money or things, the right job or the best parties. It’s also not being so busy I can’t see straight or being pulled in so many directions, each one only gets a little piece. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be busy. I love days I don’t have time to stop to eat. But I don’t love those days continuously for weeks on end. I love one-on-one friend time, my high school friends spending a Saturday night at my house and alone time. I love to be with people and I love to be alone.

Can we talk about busy for a moment? Are people busier these days then they’ve ever, ever been? I scheduled a phone conversation with one of my closest friends today. We are that busy! That’s crazy! I can see so many good things to that – and so many, not so good things. But that’s a whole other blog!

I was thinking today. That’s a good sign I guess… 😉 We all want people to “get” us. Like really understand the kind of gal or guy we are. Get our jokes, encourage our life-questions. I like when people “get” me. I need people to “get” me. I want to spend time with those people. They draw out that care-free spirit. So does being alone…taking a walk, just me and God.

So back to the blog I read. It had a life-list. And it had some fun and everyday life sort of things on it. I always say I don’t have a bucket list. But maybe I do, maybe it’s more of a life list. I’m working on my list. Even if number 47 is walking through the park at midnight engaged in the most riveting conversation. I want that one my list. Even things like that, that I’ve already done but I want to do it again.

I want to travel, I want to run and jump, stay up until 3am discussing life and love, hike a mountain, jump into the ocean, sit outside at a camp fire, run and run until I can’t run anymore.

I’ve done all these things before. I want to do them again and again. I want to do them alone. And I want to do them with you.

p.s. And I want to watch some Red Sox games this year! My dog’s name is Fenway and I’m embarrassed to say I only went to one game last year and watched maybe two. This year needs to be different! 😉


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