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There is a Season….

Can you feel that? Can you see that? Taste and smell it? The winter has turned to spring. I saw it with my own eyes this morning. The buds on the trees are bright green. The warmth of the sun has already tinted my skin and the fresh air is littered with scents of new growth. And, people are smiling. For no reason except they are outside and it doesn’t hurt anymore!!!! The season has changed.

I think about life in terms of seasons so often. Because it’s every changing. Sometimes with the climate seasons, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Some may call it a cop-out, an escape or maybe even an excuse.

I call it freedom.

Freedom from perfection. Freedom from measuring my life according to yours or his or hers or what society tells me to.

And I find it so helpful. Because it helps me stay present to the life I’m living. It helps me not live in the past or be filled with anxiety and anxiousness to get to the future. It gives me freedom to live freely within each set of circumstances I’m offered.

And yet I am so affected by my surroundings. I am so easily influenced by the attitude and passions of those around me. Easily encouraged or discouraged by connection with others. Energized or depressed by the weather.

But even though my circumstances can dictate my mood. They can’t take me out of the game of life. I am content. I am content with who I am. I am content with what I have. I am content with my God.

Some days a miserable and hard and uncomfortable. But there’s an acceptance I can have when I have the right perspective and think of my life in seasons. And ask God, what *this* season has to offer. Can I find growth in the suffering? Acceptance of those around me who are different than me in the discomfort? Time for continued education, meeting a friends needs or re-focus on the direction I’m heading?

But right now I can say I’m happily unemployed. And I expect that soon I will be happily employed. Does it help that the weather is beautiful? Yes. Does it help that I have friends to spend time with? Yes. Does it help that I have some much need time to run, rest and write? Yes. Does it help that I’ve been here before and I have experienced the journey being so much better than the destination? Yes.

I won’t hurry through the days and hours worrying and being anxious about my future. Because just like winter turned to spring and just a few months ago my unemployed life turned into a working life and just like my single life turned into a life with someone. This too will turn into something. And I’m so excited to see what that something is.


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Updates, Unemployment and a Confession

Ok…so many of you are asking….well, what happened “tomorrow?”  And I guess the short answer is nothing.  

The long answer is that I tried to get back on unemployment.  But it’s not working as easily as I was told it would.  It was a leap of faith for me to go off my unemployment.  But I believe it was the right thing to do and caused some amazing things to happen in my life.  Mostly, I grew so much closer to God and that’s been awesome!!!  It also forced me to move out of an apartment I didn’t like in an area I didn’t like.  And it forced me to move in with my Dad which has actually been fun.

But back to the unemployment, I thought (after a lot of prayer) that is might be ok to go back on it now that I had made so many moves and couldn’t find a job.  And I prayed that if it was the right thing for me to do….it would be easy…if not…it would be hard….it’s hard.

So now it’s about a week later, I don’t have any money coming in from unemployment and I have an interview this afternoon for a waitressing job.  It’s not exactly what I want but I’m willing if God can use me there.  I’ll admit….it’s not easy in this world to go from being a TV News Reporter to a waitress but I will if that’s where God can use me right now I’m game.  And maybe it’s what I need for a bit, even though it’s not exactly what I want.  So my prayer today is that I get the job if that’s God’s will and it gives me the financial ability to get my own place….in time.


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