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“Coulda’ made a sweater,”…for the ladies only. :)

So a couple weeks back I was getting ready to go our for my friends 31st birthday party.  As the only single gal in the midst of all my friends – some days these excursions can be emotional on my end – not because they make me feel bad or anything – I love them all and I love their significant others.  It’s actually my favorite group to go out with sometimes because they all take care of me and I never have to worry or think twice about anything – they all have my back. 

But back to getting ready – for our birthdays or special events we have this tradition we’ve started – we go to this nail salon that let’s us bring wine/beer and snacks and we all get pedicures and hang out….then we go out to dinner and the guys usually meet us for that (all but one who loves his pedicures! J )  It’s a great night and a great excuse for a little pampering.  This particular night as I was shaving my legs, I realized I couldn’t remember when I had shaved them last (mind you it’s the middle of winter) and I was like…darn.. ‘I coulda’ made a sweater,” talking to God, who I tend to tell everything to!  And I think He laughed.  Or maybe it was just me. 

It just got me thinking –  I wondered (never got a chance to ask) what my married friends were thinking when getting ready.  Were they thinking, I love getting ready for my significant other – or are they just content being comfortable and not getting all dolled up because they already landed their sweetie.

So there may be no real point to my blog today, except that as single ladies – we should still take time to make ourselves look nice (on the inside (of our clothes) and out) for ourselves – and also to never lose hope of what I know God has for me and you…a sweetie of our own.



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