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What about #bostonloving? or #bostonhealing? before we get to #bostonstrong?

I was in Boston on Monday. I have a story to tell too. A story of near misses, a story with fear, a story I wish I didn’t have to have.

I won’t go into all the details of stopping for lunch, retrieving sunglasses and missing trains. We were heading for the Starbucks you can see in the background of where the second bomb went off. From there we were going to the Fire Station on Boylston to cheer on my friend Kerri.

I will say that I’m thankful. I’m so thankful for God’s grace and timing. I’m thankful my friends and I are safe. I’m sad people were hurt and even killed.

And I have a lot of mixed emotions inside right now. I’m hurting for those who lost loved ones and those who are injured. I’m hurting for everyone involved.

I’m still processing all of this. Still figuring out how I feel about everything from the explosions to the casualties to the response and the media.

We all have something to deal with in this. My question is – is #bostonstrong enough to deal with the pain?

Can we really keep talking about this in love, loving one another where we are at and dare I say forgiving those who have hurt us? It’s my hope and my prayer that grace is bigger than this pain and that love is stronger than this evil.

My prayer is that Boston, the city I love, the city I call home, can be BostonStrong in love. Not in a pep-rally to come back and pretend this didn’t happen, not strong in fighting back, not strong in making hurtful jokes towards any one person or people-group. But strong in admitting where it hurts, strong in admitting when we are scared, strong in forgiving those around us, and strong in loving one another.

Let’s dig deep, Boston and love our way out of this.


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