Thank You, Fenway and You

This blogging twice a week thing isn’t working as well as I had planned but I am trying.  So much is happening in my life it’s tough to keep up with and tough to put into words.   

My dog died.  Fenway was my little buddy.  My pal.  She followed me home, she picked me, she loved me.  I loved her a lot.  She moved from West Virginia to North Carolina and back up to Massachusetts with me.  She is why I went home at night, who I got up to walk in the morning and the reason I made certain decisions in my life.  She dictated my schedule.


That dog saved my life.  There was a time when she was the only reason I would get out of bed.  I had to feed her, I had to walk her.  God gave her to me when He knew I would need her.  Her smile made me laugh when I could barely see through the tears.

But she was tough.  She was not a good listener.  She was feisty, seriously cute and could always tug at my heart strings.  She was precious. 

And I miss her.  I miss the moment when I get home and she would greet me.  I miss the moments after I awoke in the morning and I would snuggle with her.  I miss her smile.  I miss her presence. 

But in all of the loss, there is gain.  God is good and He is great to me.  Even in all of the loss and sadness he has filled the void with new friends, exciting opportunities and an outpour of support one can’t dream up. 

The community that I call mine is second to none.  And it reaches across every border and boundary imaginable so far that when I’m in need, my different worlds come together.  I wish I could describe my thankfulness.  But God didn’t create words to match the feeling in my chest.  And I think it was for a reason.  If we could describe it all too easily we would use it all too much.  This feeling is meant for special occasions. 

So thank you to you.  To those who posted on Facebook, those who called and texted.  And to those who showed up.  You are a gift.  And it is a testament to how God has blessed me with more than I can even understand. 



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5 responses to “Thank You, Fenway and You

  1. Oh thanks. Now I’m balling like a baby. Love you. Miss you. Miss Fenway. 😦 Can’t wait to see you again, my Friend! May God continue to comfort you & give you HIS peace. (((HUGS)))

  2. Love this quote, “God is good and he is great to me.” Bumper sticker worthy!

    And yay for Fenway…saving your life is a huge legacy for that cute little creature. May she rest in peace 🙂

  3. Sorry for your loss. She sounds like such an amazing friend….

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