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Searching for Quiet

Have you ever been desperate for solitude?  Desperate might be a bit of a strong word but it sounds more sexy, then just saying…hmmm…I really need some quiet time with God and I feel like I need to get away from my current surroundings to do this.  So, thoughts?  Ideas?  What do you do?   

I often go for long drives or day trips to the beach by myself.  But I’m thinking maybe an overnight trip.  Or some where I can sit and read and write easily.  I like to look around, people watch, see the sites….basically anything can steal my focus and while that is great sometimes, this time I’m looking for more quiet. 

My head is swirling with ideas I want to write down.  Blogs, chapters for my book, study guides and letters to God.  I want to take some time to let it pour all out, while taking moments to stop and listen to God in the process. 

So, what do you do to spend a significant amount of quiet time with God?



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