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At the Cross

The air was frigid, the snow, up to our knees.  Not a path in sight and only the moon to guide our journey.  But still, in the stillness of night, 7 people trekked through the mountains of New Hampshire chasing God’s beauty.

That’s how my weekend began.  We made it down the mountain side out onto the lake to see the most magnificent sky…bright with stars….one shooting in the distance, the moon lighting our night.  The cold, crisp air didn’t bring pain and discomfort (at first), but stillness and energy. 

In that moment God’s love is extravagant.  It’s far and wide.  It’s close and warm.  It’s a moment I wish I could give you to experience but it’s far to great for words.

This experience really set the tone for my weekend.  At a Woo-retreat in New Hampshire almost 50 Woo-ers settled into a large cabin in the woods to basically spend time with God and each other. 

For me, the weekend was inspiring and consuming, relaxing and exciting, but mostly it was loving.

I was able to spend time with people, building and growing relationships.  Listening to God and sharing life. 

God gave me some amazing gifts and insight this weekend.

The most magnificent story actually began on my birthday.  I was at church and a huge group of people surrounded me and were praying for me (one of the best moments of my life!) and someone gave me a word.  They said something about the cross becoming more real to me.  And at the time I thought, hmmm…I believe in the cross and everything it stands for and means,  so what does that mean?  It didn’t really click for me and so I didn’t dwell on it, knowing sometimes God’s words for us can take a while to show themselves.

Over the past few weeks I kept feeling closer to the Cross and so thankful. 

So the thankfulness has been overwhelming to me and I can’t seem to even tell God how thankful I am.  And then this weekend it grows!  Woah, God, you are amazing beyond words. 

This thankfulness began for answered prayers.  But now all I can see is the Cross.  It’s raw and real, bright and glorious and it’s for me and you.  To me it’s a declaration of love that matches no other.  It’s a sacrifice that can’t be measured.  It’s a commitment that can’t be broken.  It is love, unconditional, unmatched and unable to be broken.  

My thankfulness for the Cross and what Jesus did for me is growing and my admiration and love for my King is bursting from within.  I am on my knees.  I can feel and see the love Jesus declared on the Cross.  The Cross has become so much more real to me.  Jesus is speaking clearly to me about His powerful love for me. 

To live life without this would be unbearable.

I pray this continues for me….and you.

I wasn’t ready for the retreat to be over….but I’m ready for what God is about to begin.


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