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Sorry I haven’t Been Writing

I am actually sorry I haven’t been writing.  My best excuse is lack of time and I guess a lack of news….or maybe I’ve just been too busy too notice. 

It’s been a good busy….not a dreaded busy.  Sure I could use a few more hours of sleep here and there but I’m really enjoying my life right now!  Despite what it looks like on the outside…it feels great on the inside.   

I’m still staying with my Dad and looking for an apartment in Worcester.  I’m asking for a lot though.  I would like a place for around $500 or $550 a month (I could probably go up to $650) in a safe neighborhood that allows dogs.  I’m praying and I think God will answer…..soon, I hope!  I’m also still looking for another job.  I love my gig at The Woo but will need a full- time or another part-time gig to go along with it.  That’s another challenge God’s taking care of!! Finding a job that fits in with The Woo!

There has also been an abundance of weddings and bridal showers and things….not always the most fun thing to do when one is single but they’ve all been great.  I’m so happy for the couples involved and it just warms my heart to see them all so happy!!  And it’s not like I’m running home crying or anything…but I am thinking and wondering when is it my turn?  I’m not even sure how to explain this without drawing a reaction of pity and sadness.  I don’t want that…that’s for sure.  I love my life right now and I know God has the right person for me at the right time but I’m not going to hide it…I want it…..soon!!!  🙂

Feel free to keep me accountable to this blog!!!  Thank you…it really helps and I want to keep writing and I’m glad some of you like reading!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!



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Art Provokes It, I can Feel It

So I keep listening to this song over and over again.  I can’t get enough of it and I’m not sure why.  The song is Stopless by Ryanhood. (I added a link so you could check it out too!) And there is just something that I’m stuck on but can’t put my finger on it.  

It just gets me fired up!  Full of joy and excitement and like a renewed and refreshed love and desire for more of God in my life!  But with a sense of ‘‘woah’’.…God you are great…I’m just trying to hold on.  Hold on to you Jesus.

I’m just happy to blissfully listen to this song feeling so unworthy yet loved so deeply by God…feeling inadequate but desperate for more and feeling like I can conquer everything yet know nothing.  Yet I feel a love so strong that it carries me through it all.

I’ve heard this song many times before and have always thought it was good…but today it was different.

Let me know what you think!

And does that ever happen to you?  A song or some sort of art or conversation just hits you differently at a different time and yet it’s hard to put into words.  I will think more on this song and maybe have a more conclusive response….but I think my response is the reaction that art should provoke….feeling but un-rest….a desire for more and yet a deep understanding of something you just can’t fully explain.

An update on me….tomorrow!  🙂


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