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Just a Quick Update

Unemployment did come through.  So I guess that’s good.  It means I have money again.  Possibly the least important thing to me, but nonetheless, it’s good to pay bills. 

I really believe many changes in my life happened when I was off unemployment that were awesome and would not have happened if I kept getting unemployment at that time. 

If I didn’t go off unemployment, I would still be stuck in an apartment I didn’t like in an area I didn’t like.  I would have probably missed out on a lot of social things because I lived so far away. 

So now, as my job hunt continues I am thankful to be living with my Dad (it’s actually pretty fun) but also hoping to find an apartment I can afford soon! 

Now I wonder….do I get an apartment with the money from unemployment as my income or do I wait for a job to come through to move out? (Dad keeps his house awfully chilly in the winter!)

For now, I’ll just keep asking….listening…..waiting….and hoping…..



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Updates, Unemployment and a Confession

Ok…so many of you are asking….well, what happened “tomorrow?”  And I guess the short answer is nothing.  

The long answer is that I tried to get back on unemployment.  But it’s not working as easily as I was told it would.  It was a leap of faith for me to go off my unemployment.  But I believe it was the right thing to do and caused some amazing things to happen in my life.  Mostly, I grew so much closer to God and that’s been awesome!!!  It also forced me to move out of an apartment I didn’t like in an area I didn’t like.  And it forced me to move in with my Dad which has actually been fun.

But back to the unemployment, I thought (after a lot of prayer) that is might be ok to go back on it now that I had made so many moves and couldn’t find a job.  And I prayed that if it was the right thing for me to do….it would be easy…if not…it would be hard….it’s hard.

So now it’s about a week later, I don’t have any money coming in from unemployment and I have an interview this afternoon for a waitressing job.  It’s not exactly what I want but I’m willing if God can use me there.  I’ll admit….it’s not easy in this world to go from being a TV News Reporter to a waitress but I will if that’s where God can use me right now I’m game.  And maybe it’s what I need for a bit, even though it’s not exactly what I want.  So my prayer today is that I get the job if that’s God’s will and it gives me the financial ability to get my own place….in time.


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Liz Still Needs a Job and That’s OK

So I ponder my next steps in this complicated world we live in.  I realize, I still need a job.  I’m looking….but not finding anything.  And then I had this thought…am I not finding a job and an apartment here because I’m not staying here?

I really believe God is leading me along the way through all of this.  I’m just trying to listen and respond.  I’ve mostly made it over the hurdle of thinking I can screw it up.  I can’t.  God is way bigger than me or anything else on this earth.  I believe I just have to keep moving forward and He will let the pieces fall just as they should!  It’s exciting, and hard.  But I’ve never felt so joyous.

So I guess that’s just a small updating on my progress.  I’m still moving forward….searching for a job, seeking God in all I do and praying that my desires come true….soon.

I think there will be new developments tomorrow….stay tuned!!


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Awesome!!! My dream coming true…..

So I read this article today and I was like…woah, that’s what I want to do!!!

Check this out —  in downtown Indianapolis a bunch of churches got together and had church out in the streets….here’s a post from —

“Downtown Indianapolis, Sunday morning August 8th, thousands of Christians worshiping together!

Thank you to everyone who worked to make Worship in the City so amazing and God honoring.  For city blocks you could hear Jesus being praised.  Some of the music was urban gospel, some was southern gospel, and some of the music was modern rock worship.  Several pastors shared their hearts.  It was BEAUTIFUL to see the Body of Christ together, outside, in unity, and motivated to serve Indianapolis.  When the Aaron Pelsue Band began sing “God of this City” with downtown Indy as the backdrop, it was moving, precious, anointed, and so right.

What is going to happen in America if the church joins together to love our cities like NEVER before, in an UNPRECEDENTED move of unity and love under the banner of Jesus Christ?  The very best is yet to come.  I’m praying God will show me what my role is, show you what your role is, and that we will all have the courage to do what He calls us to do.

The time has come to love and to live what we’ve learned.

in Christ – Lisa”


That’s my dream!  To bring churches together instead of seeing them divided.  I think it would be amazing to see people fill the streets outside praising Jesus  in Worcester or any other city!!!! 

This is so beautiful!!  I pray for more of it across our country and the world!

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From Red Sox bliss to fender bender blues

Yesterday morning I got the best text…..”Hey Liz, want to go to the Red Sox game?”  YES!!!  My dog’s name is Fenway….of course I want to go to the game!!  I’m excited.

Fast forward a few hours, my day is going well….applying for a few jobs, a meeting, trying to help out my mom.   Then it’s time.  Time to head to my beloved city…Boston.  I love Boston.  I was fortunate enough to go to college there and live there for about 4-years.  The city has something no other place I’ve been has…it’s a vibe or something….anyway…it’s just happy!

So I am happy, so excited to be heading into the city….so thankful for my generous friend Paul who thought to take me to the game (naming your dog Fenway helps with things like this 🙂 )  And then BANG….litterly….I rear-end the dude in front of me right after the toll plaza.  Yay.  It’s not pretty….let’s just say my car needs a band aide….or 12…it came home on a stretcher.

The best news is that I’m ok, Paul is ok and the people I got a little too close to are also ok. 

And while sitting in the first tow-truck of the night I was like…geesh…what’s next?  But I just felt like God was like….Liz, I got this….something else may try to make you upset, but stick with Me.  I will stick with You!  Even if I have nothing this world has to offer, I have everything God has to offer!

So, it might be a week without a car for me….and some cash out of my pocket….BUT the Red Sox won and right after we walked in Beltre hit a GRAND SLAM!!!!


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Today’s the day!

Well, that might sound a little more promising than it actually is.  Today’s simply the day I will write my first blog on wordpress.  Not as exciting as, for example, today’s the day I start a new job, or move, or get married.  I mention those things to give you a little insight to me.  Those are the things I want, my desires.

With that said, I’ve been thinking about what to write about for my first blog.  Let’s start with a little about my journey.

I need a job and I need a place to live.  They are not only my desires but also my necessities.  Society’s standards say that I need the job first.  The economy says this is hard.  And God says wait a minute, it will come.  So I sit, I wait and I search…. 

It’s all too uncommon to, we’ll say, disrupt, society’s standards and try things with God.  Asking Him before making a move, waiting to hear an answer and then making a move.  This path is 1) not easy but 2) completely exhilarating, comforting and peaceful!

That’s not to say I’m just sitting around thinking God is going to drop something in my lap while I watch TV all day or escape to the beach.  I need to put in some effort on my part.  I am actively searching for a job, talking with people, asking about opportunities and praying that God opens the right doors and gives me the wisdom to know the wrong ones.

You should probably know a bit about how I got here.  I had a career in TV News but was laid off over a year ago.  While searching for another job I decided I was done with TV and during the last year and few months I have been searching within me and with God what next steps would be best for me and I feel like He is orchestrating everything that’s happening now.  I stopped taking my unemployment checks and packed up my stuff to move almost two months ago.   Not because I thought it would be easy, but because I believe God is leading me to the best He has for me here.

With that, I may be in a somewhat uncomfortable position right now…technically I’m homeless, I don’t have a job, I just turned 30, I’m single and my poor dog is so confused about our living situation that she doesn’t want to leave my side.  And while I want all those things to change and I’m trusting God for that (which is hard sometimes), I also know I’m right on track…it doesn’t look like a white picket fenced life but God says, “don’t worry I got you,” 

It’s not always easy but it’s happy.


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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